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Join Our Membership Program

Crescent Beach Care is proud to announce an exciting membership program for our patients.

We offer lots of different membership packsges for you to choose from! By joining you’ll have access to exclusive savings and rewards. Earn rewards with every purchase and treatment at our practice. Discounts, complimentary products, and more can all be yours just by joining our programs!

Our Programs


  • Dad Bod: 50% off full priced package
  • Mom Bod: 50% off full priced package
  • Emsella for Pelvic Floor
  • Complete Face with Emface and Exion
  • Skin/Scar Package: Exion microneedling
  • Abdomen Toner Package: Emsculpt NEO abdomen, Emsculpt side paddles, and Emtone
  • Core to Floor Package: Emsculpt NEO and Emsella
  • Butt/Thigh Toner Package: Emsculpt NEO buttocks, Emsculpt NEO thighs, and Emtone
  • Athletic Toner Package: Contact us for personalized packages for your needs!
  • Rehab Packages: Contact us for personalized packages for your needs
  • Couples Packages: Come with your partner and share Emsculpt NEO abdomen. Buy one series and get a 2nd series 50% off!
  • Ladies Day Packages: Includes champagne if you’re of drinking age! Contact us for personalized packages.
  • Total Body Package: Get 50% off if you book 3 full series or more!
  • Women’s Rejuvenation Package: 3 sessions of Emfemme and 6 sessions of Emsella!
  • Refer a friend for any aesthetic service and get $100 off your next treatment!