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Ingrown Nail Removal

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Save Yourself from Ingrown Nails

It seems like ingrown nails can spring up out of nowhere, but once they’re there, it can feel agonizing. Ingrown nails can be painful and irritating and greatly increase your risk of infection. Worse still, once an ingrown nail has started to form, it will be almost impossible to remove it at home. That’s where Crescent Beach Care comes in.

If you’re suffering from a pesky ingrown nail, visit our practice for ingrown nail removal in St. Augustine. We’ll precisely remove the ingrown portion of your nail and set you on the path to recovery.

Our Ingrown Nail Removal Services

We can reliably remove ingrown nails from your hands and feet once they’ve been identified. You’ll usually notice an ingrown nail once it’s begun to cause pain or irritation, but it’s important to let us know as soon as you identify an issue so we can provide treatment and minimize the risk of infection or other complications.

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  • Ingrown toenail removal

Benefits of Ingrown Nail Removal

Effective Treatment

For our removal service, we’ll completely cut out the ingrown portion of your nail and prevent future nail growth in the affected area. This means you’ll never have to worry about future ingrown nails.

Prevent Complications

It’s too easy for ingrown nails to become infected, which can cause even more pain or serious conditions. Contact us for ingrown nail removal in St. Augustine when you notice a problem.

Healthy Nails

Stopping ingrown nails will help your nails grow healthily and look their best. After nail removal, you’ll quickly recover and return to comfortable, appealing nails without redness or swelling.

Our Approach to Ingrown Nail Removal

When you visit Crescent Beach Care for ingrown nail removal in St. Augustine, you’ll receive personalized treatment to provide the best care for your nail.

Ingrown nails can form on any finger or toe and grow in many ways, so no two situations are identical. We’ll examine your ingrown nail and use the best methods to remove it while minimizing discomfort and recovery time.

What to Expect from Your Appointment

Step 1: Consultation

If you notice any pain or inflamed areas around one of your nails, you may have an ingrown nail. Contact Crescent Beach Care, and we’ll schedule a consultation to examine your nails. We’ll examine the area to confirm if you have an ingrown nail. If it’s very minor, we may be able to treat your nail that day. Otherwise, we’ll set up a follow-up session.

Step 2: Treatment

For most ingrown nails, we’ll numb the area with a topical anesthetic, then remove your nail’s ingrown portion. We have special nail trimmers that cut through your nails. Then, we’ll use a special liquid that prevents your nail bed from growing new nails. This prevents future ingrown nails from occurring and helps you heal properly after the procedure.

Step 3: Recovery

After the surgery, we’ll bandage the affected nail and discuss specific aftercare procedures with you. You may have to keep your nail dry for some time and avoid rigorous activity with the affected appendage. Within a few weeks, you should heal and be ready to return to your normal activities.

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We specialize in treating chronic health issues and acute conditions such as ingrown nails. Our aesthetic treatments can also help improve your skin tone and sculpt your body. Let us know how you’re looking to improve your life, and we’ll be ready to help make your vision come to life.

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We’ve helped countless patients with similar injuries and we know how to treat you while minimizing your pain and recovery time. Our team has decades of combined experience and is committed to providing the best services whenever you come to Crescent Beach Care.

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