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Custom Care for Women’s Health

Crescent Beach Care is a primary care practice that is also proud to offer specialized women’s care to our community.

Our women’s care team is led by one of our founders, Dr. Margret Thorhallsdottir. “Dr. Thor” has specialized in women’s health throughout her career and is excited to bring her passion and expertise to our women’s care in St. Augustine.

We provide a wide array of women’s care services to maintain your health and prevent future ailments. We perform a variety of screenings, exams, and other services to support your intimate health and general well-being.

Our Women’s Care Services

We offer various services tailored to women’s health to cater to many of your most common health needs.

Here are a few services we offer for women’s care in St. Augustine.

  • Breast exams
  • Reproductive health
  • Pregnancy services
  • Pap smears
  • Sexual health
  • STD screenings

Benefits of Women’s Care

Manage Your Health

Our women’s care services can help you manage a variety of health conditions throughout your body. We’ll be your partner in maintaining good health for every stage of your life.

Protect Your Body

Regular check-ups and screenings are key to helping prevent breast cancer and other difficult conditions. We’ll help you detect potential health risks before they become major problems.

Receive Unmatched Care

The team at Crescent Beach Care has decades of experience providing women’s care services that we bring to our practice. You’ll be in safe hands whenever you visit us for an appointment.

Our Approach to Women’s Care

At Crescent Beach Care, we’re committed to providing the best possible service for women’s care in St. Augustine.

To do this, we believe in an approach that’s centered around listening to your concerns and giving you a platform to be heard and valued. We want you to feel cared for before we’ve even given you any of our medical treatments. You’ll love the empathetic, compassionate care we provide when you visit our practice.

What to Expect from Your Appointment

Step 1: Consultation

Whether you need a routine check-up or help with a specific concern, we’ll meet with you to discuss your condition, ask you some questions, and examine any areas of concern on your body. If you’ve come in for a specific test, we’ll complete the procedure, and then you’ll be free to go. For extended care, follow-up services may be scheduled as needed.

Step 2: Treatment

If you require specialized treatment that we can provide at our practice, we’ll schedule an appointment for you at a later date. When you arrive, we’ll answer any questions you may have and then proceed with the examination. We can conduct many different procedures and treatments in our office, so you’ll feel safe and comfortable with our expert providers throughout your visit.

Step 3: Results

After your treatment, we’ll talk with you about any aftercare procedures and may schedule a follow-up if one is necessary. Then you’ll be free to go! Make sure you follow your provider’s instructions to ensure you experience the best results and stay on top of your routine for regular women’s care in St. Augustine to maintain your health.

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About Our Practice

When you visit Crescent Beach Care, you may expect a cold, clinical doctor’s office—not here! We’ve created a warm, inviting environment to provide all our services. We want to be as comfortable as you do, so we’ve cultivated a soothing atmosphere that suits our beachfront location.

What we do take seriously is patient care. We’re committed to providing the best service for women’s care in St. Augustine, as well as for any of our other services. Trust Crescent Beach Care with your primary care, aesthetics, or wellness needs!

Our Practice

Our Providers

Whenever you visit Crescent Beach Care for any of our services, you’ll work directly with one of our experienced and caring providers.

Our women’s care team, led by practice owner Dr. Thor, is filled with empathetic specialists committed to your health. You’ll get to know us during your visit, but get a head start now by exploring our providers page!

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